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Notice for bidder

I. Please read the auction provisions of the company carefully and assist to obey it before bidding. The bidders shall inspect the original copy of the auction items by themselves in the review period (including employing the specialist to help authentication), once making the bidding decision, that is to say the bidder accepts all the current situations of the auction item (including defects). If the auction succeeds and the sales confirmation is signed, the bidder must assume all the responsibilities, he can not propose to return the goods or reject to pay the amount in any reasons. The company doesn’t assume the guarantee liability to the identity and quality of the auction items.

II. The bidder shall transact the registration procedure with ID card or passport before the auction, get the number plate, and pay the relevant cash deposit (pay Two Hundred Thousand RMB if the auction item value is below Ten Million RMB, pay Five Hundred Thousand RMB if the auction item value is over Ten Million RMB, including Ten Million RMB, pay One Million RMB if the auction item value is over One Hundred Million RMB, including One Hundred Million RMB). If the auction registrant lends the number plate to others for the auction, he shall be responsible for all the legal consequence and economic consequences caused by it. The unsuccessful bidders can get back the cash deposit on the spot after the auction, the successful bidder must pay off the amount in 7 days after the auction, then receive the auction item, the cash deposit paid before can be deducted. Those who doesn’t pay off the amount in time, the company will not return back the cash deposit,Bear all legal responsibilities.

III. all the auction items transaction is valued in RMB, if paying in foreign currency, it shall be converted according to the foreign currency exchange rate of Bank of China of that day, (cash shall refer to the purchasing price for cash, foreign currency shall refer to the spot exchange purchasing price). The credit card payment is acceptable.

IV. If the bidder is successful to get the auction item, he shall pay 15% of the commission as the “hammer price” to the company.

V. If the bidder can’t participate in the bidding by himself, he can fill in the “Entrusting bidding sheet” in the auction antique catalog of the company (the copy is also valid), and pay fifty thousand of cash deposit. The company will be bid for free on behalf of him.

VI. If the vendee delivers the cultural relic abroad, he shall transact the cultural relic exit approval procedure according to law.

VII. If there is any violation to Auction Law of this auction held by the company, which caused your equity infringed, you can claim and report to the administrative agency for industry and commerce of Shanghai City.