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Company profile

Shanghai Zhongyi Auction Co., Ltd. Was established in August, 2000, it is the comprehensive auction enterprise registered and established by Shanghai Industrial and Commercial Administrative Bureau, whose registered capital is 10 million RMB.

       Zhongyi Auction is located on the floor of the large treasure antique city of Old Temple of Town God, Huangpu District, Shanghai City with the strong history and cultural deposits, it mainly operates the artworks auction at all times and in all over the world, including but not limited: calligraphy and painting, porcelain, pottery, jade ware, gold and silver ware, bronze ware, sculpture, rare stone, stamps, ink slab, ancient books and reliable texts.

       Zhongyi Auction always insists on the management aim of “honesty, standard, high-efficiency”, it operates legally under the principle of “fair, just, open” and develops rapidly. Now Zhongyi Auction wins more and more attention and trust from all sectors of society by its own comprehensive strength, good enterprise reputation, standard management and operation and considerate service procedure.

       With the continuous development of economy in China, the artworks position improves constantly in China. Zhongyi Auction has the confidence and ability to contribute our strength with collectors, connoisseurs, art investors and fans in accordance with the service philosophy of “Zhongyi is desirable, everything goes satisfactorily”, in order to promote the collection and appraisal level of Chinese artworks and construct and develop the artwork market in China.